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Advanced Care Chiropractic and Wellness Center Reviews


Over 45 5-Star reviews on Google & Facebook

  • I enjoy my time at Advanced Care Chiropractic and Wellness Center.
    - Cheryl J.
  • Wonderful first visit at Advanced Care Chiropractic. It is not often you come across both Dr.’s and staff who are not only professional, knowledgeable and polite, but also warm, inviting and friendly. What a great combo! I’ve never actually looked forward to going back to a Dr.’s office for one reason or another, but I look forward to my future visits with Dr. Tyson, Kathleen, and Jess in particular. Looking forward to healing with all of their help, care and expertise.
    - Laura H.
  • Highly recommend Dr. Tyson! Chiropractic care and treatment is great!
    - Laurie K.
  • My initial overall impression of my visit today was overwhelmingly positive. I would say that the experience so far… exceeded my expectations… and has given me another avenue of approach to the issue of long term back care and surgery avoidance. Thanks to all for your assistance and expertise. I look forward to the many benefits of better back health and pain free activity snf thank you all for your contributions toward that goal. Sincerely, Dave
    - David Y.
  • The massage therapist worked my neck and shoulders really well.
    - Joseph P.
  • Sue, the front desk person, is amazing. She was extremely pleasant, helpful and the reason I chose to make my appointment.
    - Robin M.
  • Great to have such help close by when I need it.
    - Beverly P.
  • I have been having a lot of stress in my life. I went in because I was hurting & in pain. They took me right in for x rays. The Very pleasant doc adjusted my neck. Just what I needed !!! 100 Stars
    - Patricia R.
  • Was very pleased with everyone there. Great team.
    - Janie S.
  • The office, individual rooms and even the bathroom were spotless. Loved how smoothly everything went and the staff is delightful. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Tyson’s personality!
    - Sheila C.
  • I was very impressed with staff and Dr. Tyson. This was my first visit.
    - Nancy L.
  • Staff was very professional and accommodating. Very happy that I made an appointment.
    - Le L.
  • Staff was great from setting app. to Dr. to therapist.
    - Gail A.
  • I have been to many chiropractors in my life and I can say that I actually enjoyed my first visit. Caring, friendliness, knowledgeable, considerate, are all words that can describe this office.
    - Mary Sue S.
  • I think this I one of the best chiropractors in the area if not the best so far so good Tyson is da man!
    - Wayne W.
  • I’m excited about you guys helping me out!
    - Janey J.
  • You guys are amazing. Very professional and fun all bundled up in one. I have already told so many people about your location and I have only been there 2 times. I am feeling so much better already and I look forward to my next visit.
    - Shannon T.
  • First visit was a pleasant experience, treatments were good.
    - Jordy C.
  • I was impressed that you where able to identify what was causing my pain and refer me to someone that could help.
    - Edward P.
  • The team was very attentive to me, and operates the practice very efficiently. Everyone showed genuine concern for my health and comfort.
    - Raymond M.
  • Love that you all are involved in the Food Bank food gathering efforts!
    - Michelle M.
  • I was comfortable and staff was very friendly.
    - Zainab K.
  • Thanks for a very pleasant initial visit.
    - Carlton P.
  • Nice place I had really good first impression and after an informative talk with the Dr I definitely plan on taking advantage of some of the other services.
    - Jesse F.
  • The staff was super friendly and very flexible with my scheduling needs. Also, they are very professional and caring in taking care of my chiropractic health. I would recommend them to anyone for their chiropractic needs.
    - James E.
  • I was very happy to find the office as presented on the web site. The staff and Dr were very friendly and very clear about the services they were offering. Today I had my first decompression session and was satisfactory.
    - Ramesh P.
  • The staff was very patient, accommodating and understanding.
    - Loretta A.

Very Friendly and Professional

I was really impressed with the office staff. They were very friendly and professional. Dr Tyson was GREAT. He was very knowledgeable and professional. You can tell he is a very experienced chiropractor. When I came in my shoulder pain was really severe. When I got my first treatment my pain level had gone down by 60 percent. I was so happy. I highly recommend them.

-Joanne R

Comprehensive Treatment

I'm six weeks in to therapy for my back and I've never felt better. First time I was on the rolling table it lifted me up like a board and almost threw me off. Since then it's been a better world more flexibility more days without discomfort. The second visit he showed me why I was in the pain I was in and immediately started to treat the findings. Couldn't ask for a more comprehensive treatment. Oh and the staff are great too.

-Dale H

Such a Fun Atmosphere

You guys are great! Such a fun atmosphere and Dr. Tyson is not only a great doctor but you can tell he truly loves what he does and cares about his patients. I'm already trying to get everyone I know to start treatment here!

-Jill S

Very Friendly Staff

First impressions are everything, and I was at ease the minute I walked through the door! Very friendly staff, Dr. Tyson was fantastic and it is a very warm and comfortable environment. I'm confident I will get the results I am looking for! Thank you!

-Eddie P

Highly Recommend

The staff treated like an old friend, explaining everything and why it was needed to help me feel better. I was nervous going in and they quickly put me at ease. I look forward to working with Dr. Tyson and his staff, and highly recommend!

-Mark W

Professional and Caring

Thank you for treating me with kindness and respect. I am so used to being shuffled through like cattle (nameless and faceless). Thank you for listening to me and addressing my issues in a professional and caring manner. You'll never know just how much it means to me to finally feel like my voice is being heard.

-Kathleen B

Amazing Work

By far the best chiropractor I have ever been to before. So attentive to my needs and situation during every visit. I walked in for the first time a month ago with a cane; barely able to shuffle my feet without horrible pain and wanting to collapse to the ground. A month later I am walking, working doing yard work and it is because of the amazing attentive work done at this office. I can not express how overly caring my massage therapist had been throughout this process. She is absolutely amazing! So gentle, and assuring during every step of the care they provide. So knowledgeable and detailed about everything. She has made this a great experience!

-Dustin S

Life Changing Improvements

I am delighted to find care that will not only help me maintain my spinal health but make life changing improvements. Dr. Tyson explained the concerns with my spine, presented a couple of treatment options, and answered my questions. Sue puts me at ease the moment I walk in the door and sincerely helps answer all questions regarding scheduling and billing.

-Suzanne S

Exceeded my Expectations

Everyone was extremely polite, courteous and professional. I truly enjoyed my visit. The doctor's knowledge and calm spirit help ease my anxiety. His optimism exceeded my expectations. My first treatment was great.

-Loreyna A

A Spirit of Excellence

My first visit to Advanced Care was absolutely breathtaking. The atmosphere was so bright and appealing. From the front desk receptionist / Sue to the Chiropractor / Dr.Tyson and the therapist / Ashley the service was EXCELLENT not to mention the release of pain I was feeling when I stepped in the front door. Everyone presented a spirit of excellence and very pleasant bedside manners. This is what I could appreciate as a patient. I could feel the presence of God throughout the building. I am so grateful and thankful for selecting Advance as my first Chiropractor visit.

-Sharyl B

Professional and Friendly

I must mention that Janelle was fantastic! I work in the medical field and know what good customer service is, and she went above and beyond. She was professional and friendly on the phone when I called and went out of her way to call me back for an earlier cancellation. I had called several offices that day and she was the only one I spoke to that treated me as if I wasn't a bother. Great job Jannelle!!

-Jenni S

The Environment was Outstanding

The environment was outstanding, well kept facility. The staff was very friendly and understanding. I give them a five star and I'm just getting started.

-Anya L

Willing to Answer Questions

One of the nicest staffs I have encountered in a long time at any doctors office. Very willing to answer any questions you may have.

-Cindy L

Excellent Care and Service

Dr. Tyson and staff provide excellent care and service! They are very attentive to your personal needs and use several modalities to address your health concerns. They are also very caring and personable. I would highly recommend them!

-Rita W

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