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Patient Reviews

Highly Recommend

I am so glad I found Advanced Care. Dr. Tyson, and his staff, Ashley and Sue, have always been efficient, professional and friendly. I’ve been going to Advanced for almost a year, and I believe Dr. Tyson’s adjustments have helped. I plan to continue using Advanced whenever I need chiropractic adjustments and would recommend it to anyone needing their services.

-Ruth M

I Was Skeptical at First, but the Results Speak for Themselves!

I was involved in an auto accident in March of 2009. I had injuries to my upper back and neck. I tried everything! Multiply chiropractors, injections, etc. After getting very frustrated, I stopped going. I was told by many doctors that my injury “is what it is.” No one could seem, or want to, help me. Then I received a call from Sue from Dr. Tyson’s office. After not receiving treatment for a couple a years, I was very skeptical walking into the office. After reviewing my x-rays with Dr. Tyson, he came up with a plan for me. Again, I was very skeptical.

The treatment was unconventional from the treatment I had received in the past. But after going through the treatments for just a few weeks, I could tell the difference. It has been about 5 months now. I no longer wake up in pain, I can do things without worrying about how I’m going to feel, and just feel like a different person. I highly recommended Dr. Shawn Tyson. Not only does he believe in what he is doing, but his results speak for themselves. Dr. Tyson, Sue, and Lynn all make me feel like family and care very much how I am doing. If you have ever been told that your problem can’t be fixed, have a visit with Dr. Tyson!

-David G.

Testimonial from SharenAfter Witnessing My Results, My Whole Family Sees Dr. Tyson!

A chiropractic solution was suggested to me after the trunk of my car came down on my head one windy day that left me with neck pain and a headache that wouldn’t go away. Having never been to a chiropractor before, I thought that I would give it a try. I made an appointment with Dr. Shawn Tyson at Advance Care Chiropractic and Wellness Center and I’m so glad I did!

My headache was gone and my neck was brought way down to a mere ache in my very first visit! That’s how great Dr. Tyson is at what he does. Realizing that no one has to live with the slightest ache or pain, and that our insurance covers chiropractic visits, my whole family now goes to Dr. Tyson.

Everyone in the office is caring, friendly, and knowledgeable. Add in Dr. Tyson’s charisma and sense of humor and I always leave there with a smile on my face and feeling great! I have recommended Dr. Tyson to friends and those that have seen him are very happy as well. I will continue to recommend him to anyone that I come across that is in any pain.

-Sharen V.

Finally Pain Free After Car Accident

A friend of mine told me about Advanced Care Chiropractic and how Dr. Tyson and his staff actually restore the natural curve of the spine, and how he felt so good since he had gone through care. So I decided to make an appointment because I had been in extreme pain since a car accident 4 years ago and it just kept getting worse.

I am so happy I made that appointment! I have learned so much about my body and how it is meant to be. I have no more pain anymore and my life is much more productive! My family says I am a different person! I absolutely LOVE Advanced Care Chiropractic and Wellness Center! I would tell anyone who is interested in a quality and healthy life to give them a call and get into care!

-Greg B.

What a Team!

Dr. Tyson, Ashley, and Sue are a great team! From the moment that Sue greets you at the door, you know that you are in good caring hands. Ashley assesses your progress in measured detail that makes you realize the intensity of her caring and the application to detail of your needs. Now, as for Dr. Tyson, he is terrific, too. He knows the mechanics of his job very well; however, his application is instructional as well as hands on when it comes to adjustment needs. This is a team that you want to work with to reach your health care goals!


At the End of My Rope

I was at the end of my rope and in much pain. The care and information that Dr. Tyson provided me today was encouraging. Now l have hope!

-Gloria P

Testimonial from SamanthaDr. Tyson Considered My Needs & My Budget!

Before receiving care from Dr. Tyson, I had low back pain that would sometimes leave me unable to move around. Dr. Tyson and his staff took the time to thoroughly explain the process of CBP Chiropractic Care and lay out a treatment plan that fit my health needs and my budget.

After receiving care from Dr. Tyson and following the spinal exercise plan he recommended, I feel amazing! I rarely experience any discomfort at all and I am able to be more physically active with my young son.

I would recommend Dr. Tyson to anyone who is in pain and doesn’t know where to turn!

-Samantha D.

Walking Without Pain for the First Time in Four Months!

It’s rare to have a healthcare professional and their staff seem to be as caring and concerned about my health and wellness as I am. From the moment I walked into the office, it was apparent my health was their top priority and that no one, from Sue to Dr. Tyson, was too busy to try to ‘get it right’ for me. It is now one day after my first treatment and for the first time in four months I have been able to walk without pain! Plus, I feel very confident that everything was done to diagnose my problem and to create the best plan to help me. I highly recommend Dr. Tyson and the Advanced Care Chiropractic and Wellness Center!

-Tricia W.

Came for an Injury & Stayed for More

I came to Advanced Care to relieve pain from a leg injury, but stayed for much more. Dr. Tyson explained the long term benefits of adjustment combined with physio-therapy and the results have been quite good. The entire operation is friendly and professional and best of all, it works!

-David W.

Heart for Helping Others

Dr. Tyson was extremely helpful in explaining his findings and possible courses of treatment. It was obvious to me that he has a heart for helping others.

-John M.

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