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Meet Ashley Van Valkenburgh, Licensed Massage Therapist

I grew up like most children my age did. We spent our days running the neighborhoods with our friends, trailing the woods with our bikes, and coming home late in the evenings for dinner with our families; everything was pretty common and always the same.

Massage therapist, Ashley Van ValkenburghI remember during a rather nasty winter, my mother went out walking the dog. It had been icy that year, but mom had decided to walk up this huge hill that lead up the street in front of our home; and next thing I knew mom was at the bottom of the hill with a broken leg. Who would have known that a broken leg would be the cause of so many health problems? It seemed that it was the awakening of an auto immune disease that led to endless hospital stays, constant doctor visits, and infinite amounts of pain medications and other drugs that were meant to help her condition; but only seemed to make her worse. I felt helpless to watch her deteriorate under their care, and wondered what other options there might be to help her.

Massage Therapy & Chiropractic – A Perfect Combo

When a friend of the family, whom was a Chiropractor, recommended my mother come into his office for regular care in tandem with Massage Therapy, I was almost in disbelief that he thought something so simple could help her where others had seemed to fail. Within just a few weeks, I saw the changes with my own eyes. I witnessed the health come back into my mother’s life, the ability to activity do the things she couldn’t before. The changes in her lifestyle were almost unbelievable, and even to this day; she seems to feel and do the best after a visit to the Chiropractor and Massage Therapist.

So as you can see, my passion for Massage Therapy comes from an actual one-on-one experience with seeing the actual change that accompanies the use of Chiropractic and Massage used together. This is what drove me to not only become a Massage Therapist, but to also work in a Chiropractic office where I would be using my skill to the best of its ability.

As a top Massage Therapist, I graduated with my Associates of Applied Science in Massage Therapy from ECPI University; with Magna Cum Lauda Honors along with Perfect Attendance. My goals have always been to push forward and seek the most knowledge, thus allowing me to sit once for my boards and pass with flying colors!

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, it’s my intent to make a treatment plan most suited to your needs. To set you on a path to lead you further along into wellness so you can lead a happier, fuller life. This is what I’ve set myself to do here at Advanced Care with Dr. Tyson.

Modalities are types of Massage techniques characterized into more detailed categories. Modalities I am trained in are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Chair Massage, Energy Work, Trigger Point Therapy, and Integrative Therapy. I am also certified to perform the AromaTouch Technique.

For more information visit: Wellness Awaits You

I personally look forward to caring for you and bringing you further into wellness.


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